Week in Review: December 24, 2012

The Silicon Bayou has been buzzing with tech and entrepreneurial news. Here are the most popular stories published on Silicon Bayou News in the past seven days:

2012 Silicon Bayou 100: The How

After two years of the Silicon Bayou 100 running fairly similarly and smoothly, there are still remaining questions and some confusion as to how it works. This post is meant to be a clarification of the #SBN100 and provide a starting point for discussions on how the process may change next year. For how the SBN100 works, click here.

Anedot Acquires Fundraising Site YouCanSend.Me

Have you ever wanted to go to Italy? What about a mission trip to Peru? There is a website out there which makes fundraising easier than ever before. Last week, Anedot, a leading-edge fundraising and donor management platform, announced they had acquired the “fundraising done right” website YouCanSend.Me. The website helps users create a personalized site to share with others to raise money for their dream trip.

Bayou Cribs: In shared workspace Beta, design fuels creativity

As the first edition of Bayou Cribs, Dominique Ellis profiled Beta, a coworking space which is owned and operated by local architecture and development firm Wisznia. for more information about the space and the companies and individuals who work there, click here.

Brain Bordainick and Jen Medbery Grace Forbes 30 Under 30: Education List

Along with 28 others, two influential New Orleans entrepreneurs graced the Forbes 30 Under 30: Education list which was released earlier this week. Brian Bordainick from 4.0 Schools and Jen Medbery from Kickboard were listed among other founders, executives, engineers, and leaders in the field of education.

Four Local Entrepreneurs Launch Indiegogo Campaign for Children’s Book

The newly launched Indiegogo campaign is for a locally written, illustrated, and printed book What the Sleepy Animals Do at the Audubon ZooFor months, four newly local New Orleanians have been brainstorming, researching and creative this soon-to-be published children’s story focused on the playful, sleepy animals at the zoo. Ryan MurphyGrace MillsapsAlyson Kilday, and John Clark IV have almost reached their goal.

New Orleans BioFund Invests in Be Well Nutrition

The first ever BioFund loan took place last week at the New Orleans BioInnovation Center. With $2.55 million in loans to give out before February of 2014, the BioFund has started out by investing capital into Be Well Nutrition, the brand behind the new drink called Iconic.

The 2012 SBN 100: The First Ten Names

Aaron Grant, Aaron Miscenich, Adele Tiblier, Alyson Kilday, Amith Nagarajan, Andrea Chen, Andrew Larimer, Antonio LaMarina, Barrett Conrad, and Benjamin Cappiello are ten of the 112 names who made the 2012 Silicon Bayou 100.

The 2012 SBN 100: Group 2

Bob Miller, Brandon Iglesias, Brendan Finke, Brent McCrossen, Brian Bordainick, Brian Rodriguez,Bryan Barrios, Charles Easterling, Chris Laibe, and Chris Reade are ten of the 112 names who made the 2012 Silicon Bayou 100.

The 2012 SBN 100: Group 3

Chris Schultz, Clayton White, Conrad Green, Cory Fabre, Craig Cordes, Craig Juengling, Curtis Heroman, Czarina Walker, Daryl Marse, and David Crais are ten of the 112 names who made the 2012 Silicon Bayou 100.