2012 SBN 100: Group 10


Seth Froom

Seth is one of the men behind Yellow Jacket, a stun gun case for iPhones. Prior to his invention and founding of the company, he served in the Army as a Military Police Soldier. On LinkedIn.

Shawn Usher

Shawn is the President of Sparkhound, a company which help businesses accomplish their goals through information technology. On LinkedIn.

Shuchi Khurana

Shuchi has strong technical and business background with more than a decade of experience in the industry. He is a co-founder and current COO of Bioceptive, a producer of medical devices.  Recently, he has served as Product Line Manager at EWI Inc. and was responsible for the commercialization of six technologies. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Stephen Loy

Since 2004 Stephen has been working his way up the ranks of the Louisiana Technology Park, where he is now the Executive Director. Outside of LA Tech Park, Stephen is involved in the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, RIO, and the broader entrepreneurial world around the Silicon Bayou. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Sudhir K. Sinha, Ph.D.

Sudhir is the current President and Co-Founder of InnoGenomics Technologies, a biotechnology startup located in the New Orleans BioInnovation Center.  As the Principal Investigator, Dr. Sinha in charge of developing a prototype DNA test kit for use on degraded DNA samples for human identification.

Terry Jones

Terry is managing partner at Dean Capital who previously lead the Regional Innovation Organization (RIO) which supports and develops entrepreneurship in Greater Baton Rouge. He is a member of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber and is on the Board of Directors of SeNSE. Terry is also an integral part of the funding scene in Louisiana, having worked with Source Capital and Aurora Funds. Currently he’s the managing partner at Dean Capital in Baton Rouge. On LinkedIn.

Tiffany Starnes

Earlier this year, Tiffany was named the Executive Director at FSC Inter@ctive. She is also a founding member of Net2NO, an original co-producer of TribeCon, and is unwavering in her support of the local interactive and technology community.  She was also chair of social media outreach for YLC with fellow FSC team member Andy Kutcher and loves teaching beginners how to use social media tools to accomplish their business goals. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Tim Williamson

Tim is the President and Co-Founder of The Idea Village, an independent 501c3 non-profit with a mission to create economic and social change in New Orleans through innovation and entrepreneurship. After working in the private sector for over ten years, Tim saw an opportunity to create lasting change in New Orleans by making the city more open to entrepreneurship. With 3 co-founders, The Idea Village was born. The organization has been a big part of turning New Orleans from the biggest brain drain city into the biggest brain gain city. New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, organized by the Idea Village, has also been a big part of putting the city on the startup map. On LinkedIn. Tim on Twitter. Idea Village on Twitter.

Tom Cox

Tom Cox is the founder of Golfballs.com, the leading web-retailer of golfballs and golfing gear. He’s also been an integral part in creating the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Lafayette. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Tom Fischmann

Tom Fischmann is Body Evolution’s CEO and co-founder and leads the team developing the first scalable platform for advancing body image from the domain of research into the commercial marketplace. He has been involved in interactive media startups since the early ’90s, including his co-founding of Ninth House, which set the standard for online Leadership and Management eLearning. In Body Evolution he sees a symbiotic relationship between business, research and the community that can benefit from both.. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Trevor Reeves

Trevor has served on the SeNSE board as Treasurer and Web Admin for over 2 years now. He is also co-founder of BlueReach with Sean Simone and the CFO for Yellow Jacket, LLC with Seth Froom and Sean Simone. On LinkedIn.

Wendy Overton

Wendy is a cornerstone of the Baton Rouge entrepreneurial scene. While working for LSU she organized Startup Weekend Baton Rouge and the hugely successful Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week. Wendy is also the Director of Strategy, Engagement, and Development at LSU. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Will Scott

Will took years of technical experience and entrepreneurial experiences and harnessed his knowledge into a successful search engine marketing and optimization firm, Search Influence. The rapidly growing firm recently upgraded to a new office on Oak Street in New Orleans and is always hiring local talent. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

William Joyce

William has achieved worldwide recognition as an author, illustrator and leader in the digital animation industry through his work at Moonbot Studios, “an interplanetary creative expedition of story and art.” Moonbot on Twitter.


  • Launch Pad is the premier co-working space in New Orleans with a variety of options to meet your workspace needs. Visit them in the IP Building and check out the great environment!
  • Louisiana Technology Park is a premier business incubator based in Baton Rouge that helps startups grow. Don’t forget to follow @latechpark on twitter.
  • New Orleans BioInnovation Center is home to an expert team in the science, technology, law, and business fields who offer unparalleled services for commercializing today’s leading research and innovative ideas.
  • Eiffel Society is an amazing special events venue and reception hall where our event will take place. Follow them on twitter @EiffelSociety.
  • BioDistrict New Orleans is focused on the development of a biosciences industry in New Orleans. Learn more here.