Zillow and 365 Connect Integrate Platforms, Distribute Across Largest Real Estate Network Online

365365 Connect announced yesterday its Marketing Syndication Platform integrated with real estate marketplace Zillow®. The integration will allow for automatic distribution of all the marketing data from apartment communities. This news comes shortly after a similar integration with Rainmaker LRO a few weeks ago.

“We are excited to extend our Marketing Syndication Network to include Zillow,” stated Kerry W. Kirby, CEO of 365 Connect. “The Zillow Rental Network will allow us to dramatically increase the number of leads to our clients. This integration amplifies our message that we are the next generation platform for the multifamily industry, capable of not only marketing communities across the internet, but eliminating redundant marketing efforts and reducing operating expenses for our clients.”

The integration, “delivers high market penetration through distribution of 365 Connect’s client listings across the Zillow Rentals Network.” The network is the largest real estate network online, which includes millions of shoppers on sites beyond Zillow, such as Yahoo Homes and Hot Pads.

365 Connect’s Marketing Syndication Platform helps users online by eliminating much of the fuss. Today, 90% of all housing searches start online so efficiency is a must. More information about this and other platform integrations with the Marking Syndication Platform can be found at 365connect.com.