Launch Pad Unveils New Global Network and E-Commerce Site

launch padLaunch Pad has launched the much-anticipated global network, Members will enjoy network benefits such as retail opportunities and promotional merchandise through the e-commerce section of the site.

Launch Pad said, “The new storefront is a platform to showcase all the great companies, products and apps being created by LP members.” The site will provide merchant processing and fulfillment services to the members who want to sell through the storefront.

“I think it’s awesome that not only are we offering a retail site for our member’s products, but that we are also offering a one stop showcase for everyone to see all the amazing, cool, innovative and beneficial things our community is creating!” said Katy Tackett, Community Manager at Launch Pad.

In the last year, the domain registrar .CO has been pursuing startups in addition to the other brands, companies, events, agencies, etc. using the domain. Launch Pad said they are proud to join Twitter, 500 Startups, and Tech Cocktail who all also use the domain.

Launch Pad plans to reintegrate the branding of its accelerator program, in addition to expanding the web services to include a job and gig board and providing tools for managing the coworking space.

To see the Launch Pad makeover, visit!