Newly Funded CommitChange Announces Paid Features, Core Technology Will Remain Free

CommitChange, a cloud-based company that provides online funding tools to nonprofits, is excited to launch its first paid feature on August 31st. The features will be $75 per month, and include a donate button integration on the nonprofit’s website, campaign and events widgets, and detailed analytics on donor data.

The digital philanthropic platform CommitChange recently closed a $700,000 seed round led by Tim Draper and Mark Cuban, along with an investment from 500 Startups. Through their investment, the platform can work to turn the $217 billion charitable giving market in America “on its head,” offering free tools to nonprofits and focusing primarily on the donor experience.

A few months ago the company acquired the New Orleans-based social fundraising platformConnect for a Cause and their founder and CEO Jason Nicosia along with the deal. Nicosia joins CommitChange as Chief Marketing Officer with a regional office now open in New Orleans.


CommitChange is currently processing tens of thousands of dollars in monthly donations for nonprofits in 18 states.

Nonprofits can create a profile and begin collecting donations in as little as five minutes. The core technology will remain free, and all users that have been implemented prior to the 31st of this month will be grandfathered in for free as a thank you for early adoption.

The free version will include a donation page, access to campaigns, and event hosting without website integrations.

“It was really important to us to offer our basic tools for free,” said Nicosia. “There are over a million nonprofits in the U.S., but many have a small budget, and simply can’t afford the tools currently in the market.”

CommitChange says that it will be releasing donor management tools and a full CRM by the end of the year.