Freelancer’s Paradise: Werkly to Relaunch at New Orleans Event on December 9

In 2013, entrepreneur Eric Bernstein launched the peer to peer system that enables small businesses and individuals  to connect with “werkers” in an environment that supports local communities and locally sourced labor. Werkly brings hiring into the 21st century and adapts it to the real world by leveraging the tools everyday people are already accustomed to.

WerklyThe relaunch party, or rather the Official National Launch for Media, Economic Development & Interested Professional and Community groups, is tomorrow, Tuesday, December 9 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM at The IP Building (643 Magazine Street, New Orleans).

Werkly is a labor marketplace with results that can be sorted by skills, ratings, price, social connection and location. The startup is rapidly growing throughout New Orleans, Detroit and New York and boasts a customer base of over 1,200 people to date, meaning membership has doubled in the last month alone.

The new slogan, which details how the platform is easily identifiable and accessible for everyone, says it all: Werkly, Easy Electronic Employment.

“Werkly is different because it creates an even playing field for anyone to register to find work or workers,” the company notes. The app matches a worker’s skill set and experience with employers who have posted open positions, making it a good way to get connected and recommended.

Werkers can upload the three categories they are most interested in being hired for along with the average price per hour. Each profile is equipped with information such as reliability, rating, assets and location that help the job creator find the perfect match all within a 24 hour confirmed time frame.

Bernstein is excited about the exposure following his inclusion on the annual Silicon Bayou 100 list. “It was wonderful to be at the event and have so many people within the tech community aware of our official national launch.  We look forward to providing equal access to jobs and helping to create economic diversity and growth in employment across S.E Louisiana and beyond.  New Orleans is an incredibly supportive city and I couldn’t have picked a better town to be our headquarters.”

To get werk or find werkers, visit