Goods Eggs Lays Off 15% of Staff Across the Country

Good Eggs, an online grocery store that offers locally grown and prepared food, has announced that they laid off 15% of staff on Wednesday, January 21st. The company operations its “farmers market meets grocery store” service in four locations: San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles Area, New Orleans and Brooklyn.

Photo credit: Kristen Tola Hettich for

Photo credit: Kristen Tola Hettich for

Founders Rob Spiro, Alon Salant and Bob Zoller were interested in the intersection between food and technology. They developed an interest in the local food systems, specifically about how you use the power of technology to support them.

Since launching in New Orleans in May 2013, Good Eggs has hired a full staff and moved to bigger locations twice. In September 2014, the company announced it was hiring for a number of positions,  including a position on the operations team and Produce Team Lead.

It is unclear exactly how the local team will be affected by the restructuring at this time. The company did not disclose any specifics about New Orleans.

“Since day one, Good Eggs has operated as a nimble company, which has fueled our growth and allowed us huge gains in efficiency,” explains Ally Khantzis, PR and communications manager at Good Eggs. “As a result of these gains, we’ve been able to restructure our Operations and have made the difficult decision to reduce the size of our teams in our four locations, even as sales continue their strong weekly growth.”

Khantzis said that while remaining lean in certain areas, the company will no doubt continue to hire and grow. “Although this wasn’t an easy decision, we know that it will allow us to scale effectively and ultimately fulfill our mission for years to come.”

Tech Crunch reported yesterday that at the time of the $21 million Series B funding round last September, Good Eggs reported having 215 people working at the company.