Taffet Aviation Home to Aircraft-Buyer Matching System

Taffet Aviation is an aircraft acquisitions and sales company based in New Orleans. The company specializes in concierge-style transaction management through its aircraft-buyer matching system.

Taffet AviationAircraft acquisition is a 7-step process that we make simple. Taffet Aviation manages every detail of the search, negotiation, contracts, inspection, registration and delivery, and project and report on each step along the way.

We have created a unique system of aircraft-buyer matching that puts our clients in the right aircraft for their travel, their passengers and their budget. And we do this in a seamless transaction that, although has dozens of moving pieces that we manage through the process, feels like a simple, step-by-step acquisition to our clients,” says Jay Taffet, president of Taffet Aviation.

The company, which also operates globally, has recreated the traditional service to extend aircraft and owner support well beyond the purchase, considered “life of ownership” aircraft support.

“We know exactly what needs to be researched, facilitated and put in place to ensure aircraft ownership is cost-effective, reliable and comfortable, from day one and beyond,” according to Jay Taffet, president of the company.

Last year, he launched Gracen Consulting, a venture consulting and business strategy firm that specializes in the capitalization planning and presentation process for companies.