Announcing the 2015 Silicon Bayou Startup Showcase Companies

NOLATech WeekThe second ever Silicon Bayou Startup Showcase is slated for this Monday, October 5 during NOLATech Week, the largest free technology conference in the south. The event will be held at The Landing Zone from 5:00 to 7:00pm.

Startups will show off products or other projects in a casual exhibit and networking event designed to highlight the local creative startup and entrepreneurial community.

Eiffel Society will be providing free punch to attendees as well as a cash bar.

The free and open to the public event will be held immediately after NOLATech Week’s Marquee Happy Hour in the same location.

Meet the ten startups below:

Cajo Technologies

Over the summer, Finnish-based Cajo Technologies announced it had chosen New Orleans for its US headquarters. The company has patented a new and precise way to produce permanent markings or color patterns on almost any imaginable material.


CityKey is a illustrated emoji keyboard app collaboration between three longtime New Orleans-based tech entrepreneurs Alyson Kilday, John Clark IV and Barrett Conrad. They will be launching the New Orleans keyboard app during NOLATech Week with special edition NTW emojis to celebrate.

Freesource, LLC

Freesource is a public relations and marketing service pairing businesses with scalable teams of freelancers. Rethinking the traditional ad agency model, Freesource provides fully integrated marketing and PR at half the cost of traditional agencies. Freesource vets and verifies freelancers, assembles marketing teams to meet any business need, and serves as a single point of contact for the business.

Gator and Crane

Gator and Crane is a consulting company in New Orleans that provides zero-waste consulting, solutions, and education for the Gulf Coast region. They will be showcasing their zero-waste system (drop off, home solutions and mail back) that is launching in October. Ultimately, they will open a zero-waste grocery store that exchanges food waste and excessive packaging for store credit.

Leontos, LLC

Unlike other Hyperloop pneumatic rail line companies currently building test tracks in California, Leontos plans to take a more practical and traditional procurement approach by working with an experienced EPC firm to build a functioning test track by April 2017. The newly launched startup will be showcasing a proposed route for the New Orleans to Baton Rouge line, a detailed chart of the Hyperloop technology, and the proposed test track site.


Meusu is a platform that provide individuals a way to take their unwanted task and chores, and turn them into income opportunities for members of their community. The startup also allows business to use the services to help handle logistical, employment, and high overhead issues. Meusu will be showcasing their workforce in addition to phase one of their app currently in development.

NOLA Youth Smartcard

Developed by the New Orleans Kids Partnership, the NOLA Youth Smartcard will increase accessibility to after school services for youth in New Orleans, enabling them to use after school time more productively. The Smartcard will provide a single access point for thousands of New Orleans low-income youth ages 12-18 to connect with a citywide network of free public transportation and a coordinated system of free and low-cost services.

Operation Spark

Operation Spark is a non-profit code school on a mission to help people get great jobs in tech. The majority of their students are low-income youth who lack the job and education skills needed to enter into well-paying careers. Their programs help bring people from zero knowledge of coding to full-stack software engineer in under six months.

Smart Coos

Smart Coos is a web-based language immersion platform that makes becoming multilingual more natural for children. They provide children with a live-language teacher on the first interactive language learning platform through animated books, language videos, and the live tutor. Originally from Florida, the startup moved to New Orleans after being selected to participate in a program with 4.0 Schools.

Think.Print 3D

Think.Print 3D provides 3D printed design services, Solidworks and reverse engineering technology to the Greater New Orleans and Gulf Coast region. The company is a locally owned rapid manufacturing business bringing the city of New Orleans quality end products and prototypes from the revolutionary 3D printing machines. This is their second time selected for the showcase.

A bit thank you to our sponsors and partners for making this event happen: NOLATech Week, Landing Zone, and Eiffel Society.

Tickets to NOLATech Week, including the showcase, are available hereDiscounted VIP tickets are available here or by entering code “SBN25OFF” at checkout.