New Orleans Super Bowl Hackathon Startup Still Successful After Four Years

More than four years ago New Orleans was gearing up to host the Super Bowl. In addition to the celebrity parties and fan-filled events, one local entrepreneur decided the weekend would not be complete without a corresponding hackathon. CODEMKRS was created as a two-day hackathon to showcase what the New Orleans tech community had to offer.

One of the projects to come out of the 2013 hackathon, Digital Tip Jar, is still alive and well today. The platform enables creators to accept tips electronically through the app. Their community is open to creators including musicians, visual creators, writers, performers, photographers, comedians, podcasters, gamers and more.

Digital Tip Jar recently partnered with Upstream Festival in Seattle to allow more than 300 performers to accept tips throughout the event through an integration with the festival app.

“We were selected as the only non-Seattle based company to present as part of their startup showcase,” shared Patrick Crilly, who co-founded Digital Tip Jar with New Orleans native Bryan Joseph.

Since launching, the Digital Tip Jar team has also added a Text to Tip feature, which allows creators to receive tips via text through a unique identification number.

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