Lucid to Take Over Former NOLA Media Group Space

NOLA Media Group | Times-Picayune has announced plans to move its New Orleans headquarters out of One Canal Place and into an historic warehouse district building at 864 S. Peters Street.

Lucid, the high-growth tech and data startup that recently raised $60 million earlier this year, is moving into NOLA Media Group’s space at One Canal Street.

Lucid has long been looked at as one of the greater successes in the New Orleans tech scene. Launched as Federated Sample in 2010, the company rebranded in mid-2015 and also announced the opening of their London office.

The company definitely doesn’t have plans to slow down now. Comer says he wants Lucid to be the global leader in market research. “Once we move from a position of, ‘What is our product? Is it going to work and will our clients buy it?’ and now that it’s a global scale issue, then we can fund that scale through raising capital,” he continued. “Because the market is already there — we built it.”

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