Reactwell Secures $1.83 Million to Remove Carbon Dioxide Emissions

New Orleans-based Reactwell serves as a think tank for renewable chemical and fuel innovation focused on local, sustainable, and distributed production based on harnessing carbon dioxide. 

In 2020, the New Orleans-based business revealed the world’s first Chemistry on a Chip, or solid-state chemical cells that upgrade existing refinery and petrochemical plants to solid-state chemistry. 

Now, the company is working on the research and development of a modular Direct Air Capture (DAC) system to remove carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere. Reactwell has received a $1,833,476 grant for this work, primarily funded by the Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management. 

“By developing a DAC system that is simple and scalable, we hope to decrease costs and minimize the energy required to extract carbon dioxide from our air, ensuring the process is net-zero to carbon-negative,” said Brandon Iglesias, founder of Reactwell. 

The research and development will take place at Reactwell’s headquarters in the New Orleans BioInnovation Center as well as the Georgia Institute of Technology and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.