Start-Up News: Jobs, Product Launches, and Startup Weekend!

WE WANT YOU.   FSC Interactive needs help with operations.  GNOINC is hiring a Sustainable Industries Initiative (SII) Project Manager and a Business Development Associate.   Peter Mayer needs digital account supervisorsFatHappy Media, the rockin digital video studio, is looking for a web video editor.  And HERO|Farm is looking for an account executive to feed grapes to clients.

BLASTING OFF.  Lamar Advertising, the publicly traded Baton Rouge-based outdoor advertising company, has launched a new iPhone app called RoadNinja.  The app is a location-based interstate travel app powered by Foursquare that  helps consumers find what’s available at upcoming interstate exits (restaurants, lodging, gas, etc.) and delivers location-specific promotions.  Also check out the new web-to-mobile service Kodeless by Touch Studios.

DID YOU MISS. Another successful TribeCon.  Idea Village announces the 2012 Water Challenge Entrepreneurs. How to Raise Venture Capital, getting your foot in the door.

DON’T FORGET:  Baton Rouge Startup Weekend and Global Entrepreneur Week are this weekend in Baton Rouge!