And the Oscar Nominee is… Mr. Morris Lessmore of Moonbot Studios!

News out of Hollywood today has Louisiana buzzing: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, a product of Shreveport’s Moonbot Studios, is nominated for Best Animated Short in the 84th Academy Awards.

The short is a 15-minute film co-directed by Brandon Oldenburg and William Joyce. Joyce, who wrote the screenplay, is a writer and illustrator who previously worked on popular titles including Toy Story (concept art) and A Bug’s Life (visual development). He wrote “A day with Wilbur Robinson” which eventually became the film, Meet The Robinsons.

The short also has an explosively popular companion book app available in the App Store. The app recently won App Magazine’s award for Best App of 2011 and has received rave reviews from fans.

Moonbot hasn’t stopped the wheels turning just yet though. They recently announced the launch of The Numberlys, another animated project gaining quick attention.

Watch the trailer for The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore here:

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore Trailer from Moonbot Studios on Vimeo.