Week in Review: February 13, 2012

The Silicon Bayou has been buzzing with tech and entrepreneurial news. Here are the most popular stories published on Silicon Bayou News in the past seven days:


Funding Your Start-Up in 2012: Tips for Baton Rouge and Beyond: This guest post by Genevieve Silverman highlights the most important tips for securing funding for a startup. The post describes the importance of networking, lists various online resources to help find angel funding, and explains the possibilities of SBA funding or bank loans.

Elias Bizannes announces a StartupBus will leave from Louisiana in March: As part of last Thursday’s Innovation Take-Out series event, Elias Bizannes spoke about his personal history, the history of the StartupBus, what it means to be an entrepreneur, and how he’s trying to help people make better businesses. He included that a StartupBus will leave from Louisiana in March.

#SBTV: Silicon Bayou Launches Web Series: Silicon Bayou TV launched this past week. It is a highlight reel of tech news across the state of Louisiana. Episodes will feature headline stories, upcoming events, and special guests.

Landing This Information Technology Data Center Would Mean 400 Tech Jobs at $90,000+: New Orleans is trying to lure a Kansas City U.S. Marine Corps information technology data center facility to its Federal City campus in Algiers. The center employs about 400 workers with an average salary of $90,000. A decision is expected to be made later this year.

The Rules of: Dating an Entrepreneur: This anonymously submitted article features the 10 rules to learn before diving into a relationship with an entrepreneur. The author shares that entrepreneurs are some of the most unique types of people to date because they are passionate and committed, but also busy and sleep deprived.

Hogs for the Cause: A soo-weet mix of entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and BBQ: Hogs for the Cause began as a pig-roast turned charity event to help raise money for the son of a friend who had been diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor. March 24th, 2012 will be the date of the 4th annual event. The event will include music, a cook off, a bigger and better event space, and fundraising for the non-profit organization.

Chris Stelly Named Executive Director of Louisiana Entertainment: With his new title, Louisiana native Chris Stelly will manage incentive programs targeting development of the film production, digital media, sound recording, and live performance industries.