Week in Review: August 14th, 2012

The Silicon Bayou has been buzzing with tech and entrepreneurial news. Here are the most popular stories published on Silicon Bayou News in the past seven days:

Another iPhone Case Emerges from the Silicon Bayou on Kickstarter

The men behind Phaze 5, Trey DeArk and Terrance Green, have created FLASHr, an LED flash notification case for the iPhone. The idea is simple. Whenever your phone receives a notification, it lights up because the system is powered by the iPhone’s LED camera flash. Phone calls, texts, and other push notifications become hard to miss. It’s the ultimate customizable iPhone 4/4s case, with over one hundred different color combinations.

RTA Releases Data to New Orleans Public

Neighborland’s “Ideas in Action” allows the ideas of fellow site users and innovators to see their ideas come to life one way or another. Open Transit Data was one of those ideas that is now becoming available to outside groups, the public, instead of just being shared with the transit agencies. Transport for NOLA partnered with Neighborland’s platform to launch a campaign asking the RTA to release their data to the public as soon as possible. As of this week, their wish came true. Users can now text for transit information services, view data on smart phone apps or websites, and have access to real-time arrival signage displays at transit stops.

All About You: Austin Lavin

Austin Lavin has been the Director of Marketing and Communications and Corporate Realty since 2011. He develops and implements new strategies for connecting with current and future clients. Austin is also a licensed realtor in Louisiana who works with a wide range of clients to solve their commercial real estate needs. He is responsible for Worknola.com, which he launched after moving to New Orleans.

Social Entrepreneurs Fight Obesity with 10,000 Healthy Lunches

According to Propeller: A Force for Social Innovation, more than one in three 10 to 17 year olds in Louisiana are overweight. To fight childhood obesity, 10,000 healthy lunches are being delivered to public schools throughout New Orleans and Baton Rouge. The issue of obesity is just one social issue that Propeller and its 2012 Fellows are taking on.

Social Business Community Peddle Launching in November

Peddle is a social business community and marketplace launching mid November that is perfect for anyone wanting the easy setup behind an online store. Peddle provides an instant audience and they do all the work for you, providing sales and inventory tracking, social plugins, a customized URL, and more.