Federated Sample Announces New Hire: Developer Matt Shwery

Federated SampleThe news officially broke today that developer Matt Shwery will be joining the Federated Sample team. The market research tech firm based in New Orleans announced he was brought on to help with Fulcrum’s user interface and respondent efforts. Fulcrum is powerful, open and customizable sample management platform designed by the company.

Federated Sample CEO Patrick Comer is glad to have Shwery on board, stating, “Having Matt on board is a tremendous step towards making Fulcrum even more accessible and easy to use for our clients and users. His breadth of knowledge and experience will be instrumental in Fulcrum’s continued growth and evolution.”

Shwery previously worked for VoteIt, and has been an important member of the New Orleans community for quite some time. He has worked with startups including Square Four, Noladex, and most recently, he launched the web application MinimaList.

Shwery is excited to be involved in another local venture. He was attracted to the company because of the team’s enthusiasm, ambition, and ability to recognize and tackle challenges as the company progresses. He said, “I’m joining Federated Sample at a great time and hope to keep venturing into new technologies to develop rich applications that look and function beautifully.”