With Music Tech on the Rise in New Orleans, Papa Grows Funk Utilizes Indiegogo for Upcoming Documentary

Companies such as Tutti, Marquee and Audiosocket along with music-centered events including the Codemkrs Music Hackathon, Hackeroo, and Loyola’s Music Industry Studies Pitch Night are strengthening the connection between music and technology in New Orleans more than ever.

Papa Grows Funk at Jazz Fest in 2007. Image from satisfiedproductions.com.

Papa Grows Funk at Jazz Fest in 2007. Image from satisfiedproductions.com.

Another group is joining the movement. Papa Grows Funk has given music lovers in New Orleans the chance to experience their funk for 13 years. With five albums and countless live performances under their belt, the band is ready to take it to the next level. A group of filmmakers have launched an Indiegogo for the upcoming “Funkumentary,” a documentary to capture the expressions of the Papa Grows Funk musicians.

Band members include John “Papa” Gros, June Yamagishi, Jason Mingledorf, Marc Pero and Jeffery “Jellybean” Alexander.

“With the backing of John Gros and everyone in the band, ABIS Productions has put in countless hours working on capturing the Papa Grows Funk story. The more we’ve filmed shows, interviewed band members and musicians in New Orleans, the deeper we’ve gotten into the nuances of the band, the side stories, the good times and the trying ones.”

The campaign further explains the plan: “Papa Grows Funk, a New Orleans musical institution, is taking an undefined hiatus after 13 years of legendary bandom. This is their story.” The documentary will give fans a chance to experience the band even during the hiatus.

$6,175 of the $25,000 goal has been raised with 22 days remaining. The campaign has received funding from 55 individuals and organizations.

Funds will be used for sound, animation, opening title sequences, color correction, insurance and legal counseling, distribution and legal outreach, travel expenses, and gear and crew.

To support the Funkumentary, visit Indiegogo.com.