Week in Review: June 24, 2013

The Silicon Bayou has been buzzing with tech and entrepreneurial news. Here are the most popular stories published on Silicon Bayou News in the past seven days:


Join the NOLAtech Facebook Group!

Joe Corbett wrote, “I’d like to announce the creation of the NOLAtech Facebook group, a place we can call our own, a place that will be managed and curated by all of us. The value and purpose of this group will be determined by our individual contributions… the more you share your knowledge about tech and entrepreneurship, the better our group will be. The more we focus our conversations, the easier it will be to learn from each other and meet new people we may have missed at the last NOLA Meetup or Hack Night. If you visit this group over the next few weeks and you find it lacking… make it better. Invite your friends to it. Spark a conversation, and teach us something.”

Digital Media Company CPX Interactive Announces New Office In New Orleans

New York-based digital media company CPX Interactive has announced an expansion. The company will open a New Orleans office that will be primarily a media buying office, which includes online advertisements, social search, and display. The office space will house ten new full-time employees. To apply for a position with CPX, visit WorkNola.com.

With Music Tech on the Rise in New Orleans, Papa Grows Funk Utilizes Indiegogo for Upcoming Documentary

Companies such as TuttiMarquee and Audiosocket along with music-centered events including the Codemkrs Music HackathonHackeroo, and Loyola’s Music Industry Studies Pitch Night are strengthening the connection between music and technology in New Orleans more than ever. Another group is joining the movement. Papa Grows Funk has given music lovers in New Orleans the chance to experience their funk for 13 years. With five albums and countless live performances under their belt, the band is ready to take it to the next level. A group of filmmakers have launched an Indiegogo for the upcoming “Funkumentary,” a documentary to capture the expressions of the Papa Grows Funk musicians.

Applications Now Being Accepted for Propeller’s 2013-2014 Social Venture Accelerator

After a successful second year of its Accelerator, Propeller is ready to bring in another 12 to 15 social ventures. To date, Propeller has incubated 21 new ventures (nine the first year and 12 in the last class), which have collectively generated $5.4 million in revenues and created 45 new jobs. The Social Venture Accelerator is a 10-month program designed to create socially-and-community-driven ventures. Propeller is looking for socially minded innovators and change makers to apply for the 2013-2014 Social Venture Accelerator. The application deadline is Friday, July 26th. For more information and the complete program overview and application process, click here.

“The Millennials” to Honor Most Dynamic Professionals Under 40 in New Orleans Region

The Millennials is a newly crafted award ceremony honoring the most dynamic millennials across the region. With this inaugural event, which is a mix of an award ceremony and party, hundreds will gather to celebrate the young professionals under 40 in New Orleans. The Award Ceremony will be held Saturday, July 13, 2013 at the Civic Theater. The event will occupy three rooms and be host to three DJs and four bands. Attendees are strongly encouraged to second line, in true New Orleans fashion, to the Hyatt for the after party.

Three Small Business Tenants Move into Louisiana Business & Technology Center at LSU

Three Baton Rouge-based companies have joined the Louisiana Business & Technology Center (LBTC) at LSU. The business incubator now houses 35 small businesses at tenants. The three companies are E.A.S.Y. Ads Advertising & Directory LLC, EcoPro LLC and Factor3 Solutions.

Babberly Launches Location-Based Social Sharing App

Social sharing app babberly launched in earlier this month in the App Store. The app is a unique photo sharing and community chat experience that helps users figure out where to go and what to do in their respective locations. Babberly is a free and simple way to communicate with others users who have checked into various venues close to your location. The company was founded last year by Marhamat and Ivan Von Turkovich. To date, babberly has raised $125,000 in seed capital. For more information or to download babberly, click here.