Week in Review: June 2, 2014

The Silicon Bayou has been buzzing with tech and entrepreneurial news. Here are the most popular stories published on Silicon Bayou News in the past seven days:

4.0 Schools Reveals 9th Launch Cohort

The early-stage education incubator 4.0 Schools has just released the names of the nine teams and 14 entrepreneurs participating in the summer Launch Program. 4.0’s Launch Program is designed for those committed to launching a new product, service, or internal venture. These people have already put their idea into the real world and have the most potential for disrupting education. The ideas don’t have to be incorporated or have revenue or donors. Click here to learn more about each team.

Trep Co-Founders: Revelry Has a Growth for you to Hack

Gerard Ramos of Revelry is looking for a special entrepreneur for a new opportunity: “You know us as the dev shop behind the scenes of several New Orleans startups. Behind our own scenes, we’ve been stealthily working on an e-commerce product. We need an energetic hustler who knows how to move product. Here’s how it’s gonna go down: We spin off this product into a company. You get an equity slice plus we pay you what you’re worth. Which is next to nothing until you make this thing pop.”

Achievement Unlocked: Gamehedz Game Center is Open for Business in Metairie

Derek Thomas, Founder of Gamehedz, made that insight just a bit more real when he launched Gamehedz Game Center in Metairie. The purposes of this space is to support all things gaming, including competitive and casual game play, gaming tournaments, discussions and workshops around game development, co-working space for game developers, and of course a well-equipped venue for any other kind of gaming event one could dream up.

Cellcontrol CEO Named a Top Wireless Tech Expert

CellControl, based out of the Louisiana Technology Park in Baton Rouge, produces the leading technology to help stop distracted driving. CEO and founder Robert Guba was recently named to Today’s Wireless World’s Top 100 Wireless Technology Experts for 2014, which highlights tech drivers and thought leaders who have demonstrated expertise in their areas of focus. Today’s Wireless World says the list serves as valuable guides for those who want greater insight into wireless communications technology.

New Orleans Food Delivery Platform Couchster Heads to CBD, Warehouse District and French Quarter

Couchster is a New Orleans-based food ordering platform that has delivered thousands of orders since launching last September. As of May 26th, the company will now deliver to the Central Business District, the Warehouse District and the French Quarter. Couchster started out as online platform and has since expanded to employing a full scale delivery service. “If a restaurant does takeout, but not delivery…well, Couchster will deliver for them (11:00 AM to 2:00 PM for lunch, and 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM for dinner),” explained CEO and founder Sean O’Neill.

New Orleans Tech Company Launches Carebacks, a Platform for Secure Donations

Susco Solutions has recently launched a secure digital platform to help those in need make purchases that are guaranteed to exclude vices, such as cigarettes and alcohol. With Carebacks, donations are given through the app, and its unique system automatically creates a pin for the recipient to use at registered retailers. Susco co-founder and CEO Neel Sus said the platform is unlike anything else out there at the moment. “There is nothing that I have seen that does what this does that doesn’t require the recipient to do anything ahead of time.”

Infographic: Computer Nerds Rules the World

Mark Kirkpatrick writes about tech and finance along with tips for entrepreneurs navigating the startup world. His latest post is an infographic about IT-related jobs regularly being considered on the “best job” list. He writes, “Which IT careers rank the best though, you say? The graphic below, with average career income, stress levels, physical demands, emotional environments and job growth potentials aggregated by the CertificationKits team will help you IT pledges out there determine whether anything from a CCNA certification to statistician degree is worth your while.”

Texas Court Dissolves Injunction Vaguely Defining “Confidential Information”

 PJ Kee is an associate at the Jones Walker law firm in New Orleans. He and a few colleagues recently launched Trade Secret Insider, which chronicles legal insights on trade secrets, non-competes, computer fraud and confidential data theft. To read the entire post about Texas court dissolving the injunction that vaguely defines “confidential information,” click here.

JEDCO, Booming, Hires Two New Economic Development Specialists

On May 29th, the Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission (JEDCO) announced the hire of two new economic development specialists who will be working with local business throughout the parish to enhance the economic climate. Annalisa Kelly, previously with the State of Louisiana’s Office of Community Development, and Trevor Acy, previously with Waggoner Engineering, are now part of JEDCO.