Are Facebook Ads underutilized by brands?

12 years ago

I read this really interesting article yesterday about how although Facebook captures about 14% of our online attention, only 4% of online advertising dollars are spent there. Weird, right? ...


New Facebooks Apps and Features

12 years ago

Facebook has been in new release overload over the past week – with several new site features and two new mobile apps including Pages and Camera. Here’s the breakdown: ...


SEO is Hard #emotech

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More and more companies are taking marketing (or at least parts of it) into their own hands, but when it comes to SEO, those same hands often get thrown ...


Why I’m Downloading Google Drive Right Now

12 years ago

Google Drive is the newest cloud-based storage platform that works a lot like Dropbox. If you have no idea what cloud-based storage is, read this and then choose a ...


Download These 5 Social Apps for Festival Season

12 years ago

Spring is in the air, and outdoor festivals are lined up for the next several weeks including French Quarter Fest, Jazz Fest, Festival Internationale….the list goes on and on! ...